Mapúans Ontario

International Association of Mapua Alumni-Ontario

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To serve the professional interest of the members and to promote professional consciousness and fellowship through collective interdisciplinary activities

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Mapúans Ontario celebrates 20 year milestone

2014 marks the 20th year of existence of Mapúans Ontario. To celebrate this occasion, a gala dinner and dance will be held on June 27, 2014 at Capitol Banquet Centre in Mississauga.

The idea of launching a Mapúa Alumni Association was first conceived on April 10,1994 when Bobbit Gregorio met with Cora Matthews, Mandy Albovias, Arnie Dytuco, Pete Quinsay, Ben Rodrigo, Gerry Sul-lano and Ed Vargas. Joining soon after were Josie Cuisia, Ernie and Benny Tagle, Danny Agana and Chito Cabatic.A picnic that summer drew 43 Mapúans and marked the official organization of the association calling it Mapúa Alumni of Ontario.

After a constitution and by-laws was ratified on September 17, 1994, an interim set of officers were voted to hold office until the January 1995 elections with Bobbit Gregorio as president. Bobbit was elected as first president on January21,1995.Ed Frondozo took over on June 1995 after Bobbit moved to South Africa as head of the new branch of BKS-Hatch. Ed was elected for 1996 -1997 term. It was a 2 year term and he was fol-lowed by Gerry Rulloda, Josie Cuisia, Eula Rulloda, Roger Marcos, Pasky Oliveria, Alex Sales, Edd Pangani-ban, Edan Garcia and Gerry Rulloda for his second term.

The first issue of the newsletter Cardinal and Gold was published in April 1995. This was a collaboration of the efforts of Ed Frondozo as editor and the contributions from Josie Cuisia, Bobbit, Pasky, Ernie Lara, Gerry and Eula Rulloda and Rene Buñag.

Also in 1995, Ed Frondozo registered the domain and launched the website. It was the first website of a Mapua alumni association in the world. Ernie Lara later added content including pictures to the website.

In October, 1995 MAO became IAMAO ( International Association of Mapúa Alumni- Ontario to conform with NAMA’s naming convention.The name was changedto Mapúans Ontario in January 2013 to identify itself closer to the membership.

In 1997, IAMAO established the educational assistance program to help children of Iamao’s members entering university or college. Michelle Uy was the first awardee and graduated as summa cum laude at McMaster Uni-versity.Some recipients returned the monies after they have graduated.

To welcome the 21st century, Iamao hosted the first MapúaWorld, a biennial worldwide convention that went through 5 other North American cities, and Manila , with Sydney Australia the next venue in 2015. Josie Cuisia is the founder of MapúaWorld. Bobbit Gregorio, Gerry Rulloda, Ernie Lara and other delegates of the event formed the MapúaWorld Commission.

Mapúans Ontario has several recipients of the Tom (The Outstanding Mapúan) awards, the most prestigious award of Mapua Institute of Technology offered in selected fields of endeavor. The recipients in chronological order are Josie Cuisia, Ed Frondozo, Gerry & Eula Rulloda (recipients of the first husband and wife TOM awards), Cora Matthews, Bobbit Gregorio, Florie Sosa, Roger Marcos, Pasky Oliveria, and Tony Robles.

Mapúans Ontario has and continues to support the endeavors of other organizations here in Canada and in the Philippines.